Mission, Vision and Values

Bhutan's First and Only A+ Accredited Institution      Inspiring Education in Bhutan

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  1. Contribute to educational excellence in Bhutan through an internationalised learning environment.

  2. Foster students' personal and intellectual development to help them realise fulfilling work and lead purposeful lives.

  3. Create an institutional culture that helps individuals learn and grow while empowering them to improve their working processes and deliver quality services to all stakeholders.

  4. Stimulate new ideas, knowledge, and practices that serve to enrich people’s lives and enhance the welfare of society.



An institution of academic excellence that challenges students to achieve their full potential and to become independent, life-long learners and well-rounded, responsible citizens.



Excellence - We value a culture of excellence: academically, professionally, and holistically. We have a sense of responsibility for our performance and accountability for our actions. Our community members imbue a sense of ownership and commitment to their roles in the community, whether student, staff, or faculty.

Integrity - We value integrity in all our conduct, including academic integrity, and we act with honesty, honour, and truthfulness.

Respect - We value respect for oneself and others: respecting the rights and dignity of all members within our community and beyond, and sustaining an environment that fosters health, safety, civility, decency, and personal responsibility. We also respect and remain open to the perspectives of others.

Continuous learning - We value a spirit of continuous learning, improvement, and innovation with a growth mindset.