Programmes Offered and Eligibility Criteria

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To be considered for admission, an applicant must have a Class XII pass with a minimum aggregate of 50% in the best 4 subjects. In addition, all Bhutanese applicants must have a pass in Dzongkha as a general requirement for entry to all programmes. Bhutanese students who are unable to fulfill the requirement must sit for a language entrance test to be considered for admission. 

The following program-specific criteria must also be met. Continuing Education (CE) candidates should check the Continuing Education page for options for submitting certifications and other evidence of prior training and experience that may support their application.

Business (BBA & BCom) Pass in Maths/Business Maths (For all streams)
BSc in Nursing & Midwifery (4 yr) Class XII Science Pass with 45% in Biology and 40% minimum in all other Class XII Science subjects
BSc in Environmental Management (4 yr) 50% in English
Preference will be given to Science stream students with pass in Biology. Students from any stream who have not studied Biology and/or Maths in class XII will be required to complete a RTC bridge course in the necessary subject(s) 3 weeks prior to the start of the first semester.

BA in English Studies (4 yr)

55% in English
BA in Development Economics (4 yr)

45% in English, 45% in B.Maths/Maths or Economics

BA in Political Science and Sociology 50% in English
BA in Anthropology 50% in English
BA in Mass Communication 50% in English
Bachelor of Sports and Health Sciences

Minimum aggregate of 50% (best 4 subjects) and additional selection criteria with their weightings as indicated below:

• Academics: 40%
• Sport/Games certificates from recognized sports agencies such as BOC, BAAF, BFF, etc.: 40%
• Aptitude Test (written/physical endurance): 20% 

Programme Handbooks

NOTE: Fulfillment of the above criteria does not necessarily guarantee admission to Royal Thimphu College.