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RTC provides part-time job opportunities for dedicated and hard-working students allowing them to earn some money while enriching their job skills and their academic and social life. The following are some of the jobs that the students can apply for:

1. Resident Assistant (RA)

The primary role of an RA is to actively and regularly engage with the resident students and to connect students to college resources. The position requires dedication, flexibility, commitment, engagement with students, and enthusiasm as they will actively respond to the changing needs of the residential community. The student RAs will report to the Resident Mentors.

2. Library Assistant

Library assistants will serve as assistants to the librarians. They are responsible for general office/clerical duties including operation of equipment for photocopying, typing, sorting and filing, shelving books, answering telephones, and other tasks assigned by the supervisor. 

3. Gym Assistant

The student gym assistant is responsible for the management/supervision of the gymnasium facility. Their duties include ensuring gym users adhere to the schedule, maintaining a logbook for members using the gym facility, keeping records of repairs and maintenance of the gym facility and list of equipment, etc. The Student Gym Assistant will report to the Student Service Officer/Resident Mentors

4. IT Lab Assistant 

The student IT lab assistant will offer general consultations for people who are working or studying in the lab, perform regular software backups, supply reference materials to help users learn how to use particular programs, and carry out regular maintenance of the computers among other duties assigned by the supervisor. 

Vacancies along with Terms & Conditions for most positions are announced through the college intranet site at my.rtc.bt.