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Involvement in student activities provides rich opportunities to explore new interests, deepen existing interests, and develop valuable leadership and social skills. RTC provides many such opportunities for students through its elected Student Government, through numerous student-led clubs, and through a wealth of student sports teams.

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Student Government

The college has a Student Government, elected by their peers, to give voice to student concerns, liaise with the College management, and initiate a wide variety of student activities. The College provides a generous budget to the Student Government to support and facilitate activities determined by the students themselves to be beneficial to the general student community. All members of the student government have multiple responsibilities. Each is elected to perform a certain kind of task or to represent a specific constituency, as described below. However, very importantly, each is also expected to:

a) Help determine the issues on which the student government will focus;

b) Participate in the broader activities and deliberations of the student government, taking initiative and accepting assignments related to specific issues that may not fall in the area related to their individual task or constituency;

c) Assist each other in implementing activities;

d) Keep the welfare of the entire RTC student body clearly in mind in all their work for the student government.

The President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer form the executive members of the student government. The other members are Event Coordinators, Student Service Coordinators, Academic programme representatives, Day-scholar representatives, and 1st Year representatives.


Student Clubs

RTC strongly encourages the development of student clubs, to support and foster student activities where students have an interest and want to develop that interest further.

Currently, there are four broad-based clubs (Sports, Cultural, Literary, and Community & Environment) but the College encourages further development of special-interest clubs which the students may suggest and initiate.

Student Activities