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Study Abroad Programme For Bhutanese Students

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The world is your oyster!

RTC actively seeks opportunities for Bhutanese students to embark on academic adventures in prestigious destinations like the EU, the US, and Japan to immerse themselves in diverse academic fields, cultures and global perspectives.

This immersive experience not only shapes locally rooted and globally competent Bhutanese youths but also nurtures lifelong connections with their people, culture, and place of their temporary residence.

Join RTC in breaking educational boundaries and shaping a future where learning knows no limits.

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Study Abroad Alumni

Meet Kinley Dema, a final-year English Studies student at Royal Thimphu College participated in the Erasmus+ student traineeship exchange mobility program, completing a three-month internship at Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary, and a four-month internship at RTC's International Relations Office.

“I complete a three-month traineeship programme at Budapest Metropolitan University (BMU), Hungary where I worked at the International Correlations Office. The staff of BMU went above and beyond to guide me with patience and impart their wisdom in broadening the horizons of my perspectives. Additionally, I also did an internship at the Intenratio Relations Office at RTC for four months. It was a worthwhile experience. All the staff treated me like one of their own and guided me for improvement and self-realisation.”

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Meet Bidhan Ghimiray, a final year student of Royal Thimphu College. He participated in the Erasmus+ student exchange mobility program, completing an academic year at Centre College in the US.

“Enrolling at Royal Thimphu College to study Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. On the first day of college orientation, I was told ‘Your past academic performance does not matter to us at RTC.’ I had doubts about it, however, within a short period of time, the average Joe emerged as a high-achieving student! The icing on the cake was the exchange programme to study at Centre College in Kentucky, USA. This was a dream come true! The experience was truly enriching and transformative. I experienced diverse cultures and interacting with professors from various backgrounds truly expanded and broadened my perspective. Studying at RTC taught me how to excel in life and how to believe in myself.”

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