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Application for RTC Academic Scholarship 2022 is now closed. 

RTC is sponsoring 12 Academic Scholarships for the academic year 2022.

The scholarships are in three categories and the details are as follows:  

1. Full Scholarship: 2 Scholarships (for candidates scoring 75% and above for aggregate average of 4 best subjects) 

This category will cover tuition, residence fees, and food. However, it does not include personal costs such as books, stationery, supplies, laundry, printing, etc.

2. Full Tuition Waiver: 4 Scholarships (for candidates scoring 70% and above for aggregate average of 4 best subjects)

This category will cover the cost of full tuition. Students on full tuition waiver will be expected to meet residence, dining charges, and other personal costs such as books, stationery, supplies, laundry, printing, etc. 

3. Partial Tuition Waiver: 6 Scholarships (for candidates scoring 65% and above for aggregate average of 4 best subjects) 

This category will cover 50% of the tuition costs. Students on partial tuition waiver will be expected to meet the balance tuition, residence, dining charges, and other personal costs such as books, stationery, laundry, printing, etc.

Recent Class XII students and students from the prior 3 years will be eligible for this scholarship.The scholarship selection shall be conducted on a merit ranking. Due to the variance in performance among the students from different examination years and subjects, the college will be using normalized scores to prepare the merit list.

Scholarship Conditions

The scholarship awards will be for the entire duration of the degree programme, but will be subject to an annual review. In order to continue receiving the scholarship each year:

1. Students on Academic scholarships must maintain a superior academic standing in the college and have no major disciplinary problems.

2. At the end of each year, the student should have obtained at least 65% aggregate marks or have ranked at least within the top 20% in the programme cohort.

3. A student previously on scholarship, but who loses his/her scholarship for failing to fulfill the general and specific conditions, may be considered for the same scholarship support again in the next year after meeting the required conditions.

For the scholarships, financial need is not considered in determining eligibility or award amounts, so there is no need to fill in any financial aid forms.


Apply online using the e-application latest by April 30, 2022. APPLY ONLINE


For further inquiry on the scholarships, please contact our office @ 02-351801, ext# 105 OR 119