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The Dean is responsible for the management of all academic activities including faculty recruitment, program development, scheduling, program implementation, and reporting to the College Management as well as to the Royal University of Bhutan. He is supported by the Academic Committee which includes the Director, the College Adviser, Registrar and the Program Leaders.

Broadly speaking there are two faculties presently in the College that support academic activities within defined subjects and/or program as well as the delivery of specialized modules across programs. These are The Faculty of Business and Information Technology and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Currently, RTC is offering seven academic programs under the above two faculties which include Bachelor of Arts in four double majors, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Application. The Program Leader is responsible for the quality of teaching and for the provision of resources for each program offered. He or she also facilitates interaction among staff and between staff and students, and works closely with the Dean.

See section Courses Offered for the details.

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