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1. Incoming Class (before attending the first semester)

Prospective students who choose to withdraw their admission on or before the commencement of the semester are eligible for a refund of the first semester fees as per the following terms. Please note that the application fee and enrolment deposit are non-refundable. From the remaining tuition, room, and food charges (after the non-refundable application fee and enrolment deposit have been deducted), the following percentages are applicable for a refund:

Refund of 1st semester fees
ParticularsRefund terms
  For withdrawal before the day of commencement of classes with notice, including weekends and holidays, of:
  46+ days 31 - 45  days 16 - 30 days 1 - 15 days
Application Fee Non-refundable
Non-refundable Enrolment Deposit Non-refundable
Percentages below indicate refundable % from the remaining amount after the above non-refundable amounts have been deducted.
Remaining Tuition* 70% 40% 10% 0%
Food Charges 70% 40% 10% 0%
Room Charges 70% 40% 10% 0%
Security Deposit Refundable

*Tuition minus Application Fees and Non-refundable enrolment Fees

Note: Fees are not transferable to another candidate or student.

Refund Procedure

  • Application for refunds must be submitted to the Student Services Department (SSD) stating the reason for withdrawal of the admission, bank account details for the refund, etc.

  • Money Receipts for payments made will have to be attached together with the form.

  • All refunds will have to be approved by the President.

  • Refund process may take up to 15 days from the date of receiving the application at the Finance Office (FO)

  • In case the student or their guarantor is unable to collect the refund, authorization from the student or their guarantor will be required to claim the refund.

If for any reason the college is unable to offer a particular programme after offering admission into it, fees paid for the semester in question including application fees and enrolment deposit shall be refunded in full, or the candidate can opt for another programme if he/she meets the criteria for that programme and a seat is available. 


2. Refund of fees: Current/Admitted students
  • Students (both regular and CE) who choose to withdraw from the college after the commencement of classes, including those in the first semester, are not eligible for a refund of fees (Tuition, Food, or Room) for that particular semester under any circumstance. However, any advance payments made for subsequent semesters or any excess fees paid shall be refunded.
  • Fees for those students who are expelled/terminated from the college for violating the provisions of the Student Handbook will not be refunded under normal circumstances.
  • As a special case, fees for those current students who have been granted leave for the semester or those who are unable to continue the semester and have indicated their desire to return in the future, may be credited towards future semesters after obtaining approval from the President. Upon their return, students will be charged the latest fees and may need to make additional payments for deficits, if any. The validity period for the credit is the same as the maximum enrolment validity period as per RUB norms (2 years maximum beyond the expected regular programme duration, i.e., 5 years total for 3-yr programmes and 6 years total for 4-yr programmes, from the start of the programme), and only applies with the condition that the programme has a junior cohort in operation at the time of the return. No refund will be given should the student decline to return to the college or the programme is no longer in operation with a suitable junior cohort, though the security deposit paid can be refunded (less outstanding dues) within six months of the expiry of the maximum validity period, after which it is surrendered.


3. Refund of advance payments and excess amounts

The college accepts advance payment of fees for future semesters and students are informed that they may need to top up any deficit if any, arising on account of annual fee revisions or otherwise. There are also cases of excess fees deposited while making payments, usually in small amounts (Nu. 100 to Nu. 5,000), which are refunded based on individual applications. In order to streamline such refunds and minimise transaction costs, these fees will be refunded as a batch within one month after the last date of fee payment.


4. Refund of Security Deposit

The security deposit will be refunded to students when they graduate or leave the college permanently. Students may choose to leave the college on their own or be asked to leave depending on the situation. Refund of the security deposit will be subject to the following terms and procedures:

  1. Students should not have any outstanding fee obligations or liabilities against them from any of the RTC offices such as the library, residence hall, stores, sports, fines, etc.
  2. In case of outstanding fee obligations/liabilities, the security deposit amount will first be adjusted to settle all the pending liabilities and the amount remaining will be eligible for a refund.
  3. All formalities for departure/withdrawal must be fully completed, viz. handing over of college properties, obtaining No-Dues Certificates from the respective incumbents, etc.
  4. The Student ID card must be returned along with the application for withdrawal or upon graduation/completion, or else necessary deductions pertaining to the same will be applied.
  5. Refund process may take up to 15 days from the date of receiving the application for the claim at the FO.
  6. The FO after obtaining necessary clearances and authorization for refund from the Registrar will process the refund and inform the concerned student/guarantor.
  7. In case the student/guarantor is unable to collect the refund, authorization from the student or the guarantor will be required to claim the refund.

Graduating cohort: Refund of security deposit for the graduating cohort is processed along with the issuance of transcripts which normally takes place within two weeks of the declaration of the results. SSD will compile the final student list for refund of the deposit and deductions therefrom, including the cost of graduation photographs, if any. At the time of making the refunds, Finance will take back the surrendered ID cards from the students or deduct the cost of IDs if not surrendered.

International students: SSD will coordinate the refund of the security deposit with the International Relations Office and authorize Finance accordingly. Student ID cards are to be surrendered.

Unclaimed Security Deposit: Security deposits that have not been claimed for refund after six months from status change from ‘current’ to any non-current status (e.g., graduation, withdrawal, expulsion, failure from the college, or pending readmission not completed) will not be refunded. The security deposit of those students who failed a semester and do not indicate their desire for continuing their studies within six months of the declaration of the semester results (in accordance with the readmission policy of the college) will be forfeited.


5. Refund of academic and other fees

Academic and all other service charges (module repeats, supplementary fees, college ID replacement charges, etc.) under normal circumstances are non-refundable.


6. Student withdrawal procedure
  1. All requests for withdrawal from the college stating the reason for withdrawal must be made in writing and submitted to the Registrar for onward processing.
  2. Written permission or authorization on the application for withdrawal from the college must also be given by the Parent/Guardian in case of voluntary withdrawals.
  3. A student who maintains unexplained absence from classes during a semester may be asked to withdraw from the college, and no refund of fees will be given.
  4. All formalities for departure/withdrawal must be completed in full viz. handing over of the college properties, obtaining ‘No Dues/Clearance Certificate’ from the respective offices, etc.
  5. Refund of the security deposit will be made as per the above procedure. Student ID card must be surrendered.