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The fee structure for the academic year 2024-2025 will be as below. The room charges will be based on the occupancy type. The allotment of rooms will be on the basis of year-long occupancy. Students should expect annual tuition fee increases in the order of 3 - 6% p.a. while other fee changes will be subject to market conditions.

A. For Bhutanese Students and students from SAARC member countries: 

Charges / Sem (Nu.)BoardersDay Scholars
1 Tuition 80,450 80,450 80,450 80,450
2 Room 10,400 13,450 16,900 -
3 Food 20,650 20,650 20,650 -
Total/Semester 111,500 114,550 118,000 80,450
Total/Year 223,000 229,100 236,000 160,900

B. For BSc Nursing & Midwifery (4 yr)

For the BSc Nursing & Midwifery (4 yr) programme, the fee structure will include the same fees as in (A) above. In addition, due to the extended academic duration and specialised nature of the programme, the following charges will be applicable.

Charges / Sem (Nu.)BoardersDay Scholars
1 Professional Course, Lab & Clinic Fees 7,950 7,950 7,950 7,950
2 Room Surcharge 1,220 1,450 1,855 -
3 Food Surcharge 4,450 4,450 4,450 -
Total/Semester 13,620 13,850 14,255 7,950
Total/Year 27,240 27,700 28,510 15,900


  1. For the BSc Nursing programme, additional personal supplies such as uniform/lab coat and personal equipment/Stethoscope, etc., need to be purchased on your own.
  2. Day Scholars: BSc Nursing programme students in all semesters choosing to enrol as day scholars will be responsible for boarding fees when centrally organised facilities are arranged during hospital-based classes held outside of Thimphu, which needs to be paid prior to the commencement of field placement. Unless excused under extenuating circumstances with prior approval, day scholars will be required to stay at RTC-arranged accommodation for the hospital-based classes whenever held outside of Thimphu except in the 4th year.
  3. Boarders:
    1. Boarding facility will be provided only during the first 3 years (i.e., 1st – 3rd Yr). All students in the 4th Year (Sem VII & VIII) will be required to stay off-campus in view of the extended clinical placements in the 7th semester as well as the semester-long internship placement in the 8th Semester at various hospitals.
    2. All boarders will be required to stay at the RTC-arranged accommodation / residential facilities during hospital-based classes held outside of Thimphu unless excused under extenuating circumstances with prior approval.
    3. Students will need to take note that modest accommodation arrangements will be provided during hospital-based classes held outside of Thimphu. The semester room fees will remain as per the on-campus room rates given that the students will still be occupying their respective rooms at the campus residences. However, a uniform room fee applicable for a Triple room will be charged at the RTC-arranged residence facility during hospital-based classes at the identified teaching hospital(s) in the 3rd year.

C. For Continuing Education (CE) Students: 

Tuition Charges / Sem (Nu.)1st Year2nd, 3rd & 4th Year
 Tuition 28,200 37,600

D. For Full-degree Studies International Students (3 yr / 4 yr programmes):  

Charges / Sem (USD$)BoardersDay Scholars
1 Tuition 2,850 2,850 2,850 2,850
2 Room 265 330 410 -
3 Food 500 500 500 -
Total $ / Semester 3,615 3,680 3,760 2,850
Total $ /Year 7,230 7,360 7,520 5,700

1) Students should expect annual fee increases in the order of 3 - 6% p.a." to "Students should expect annual tuition fee increases in the order of 3 - 6% p.a. while other fee changes will be subject to market conditions." This sentence is under section "D" for Full-Degree International Students.

2) Non-Bhutanese students can pay in equivalent rupees or dollars ($ USD).

3) Full-degree studies fees for international students are applicable only for those enrolled for the entire duration of a programme (i.e., three-four years). Semester study-abroad international students interested to enrol for a Study-Abroad, Gap-Year or similar programme may contact the International Relations Office (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the fee structure and other details.

Fee payment:

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The tuition, room, and food fees will be charged on a per-semester basis. The above fees are inclusive of charges such as establishment and capitation fees, registration fees, affiliation fees, normal exam fees, IT / laboratory / library fees, student activities, and development fees, etc. However, they do not include personal costs such as books, stationery, supplies, laundry, printing, fees for supplementary exams and repeats, etc.

There will not be any application fee charged and the candidates can directly apply online. A one-time refundable Security Deposit of Nu. 5,000 will be charged to all students and refunded upon their departure from the College if there are no outstanding dues. Fees for the semester must be paid in full before the start of the semester.