Grading System

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Grades (marks) at Royal Thimphu College are assigned to individual students on the basis of academic judgment, using a percentage scale common across the colleges associated with the Royal University of Bhutan. The table below outlines a student’s expected academic achievement / performance using this grading system. This is followed by a description of each level of performance.


Judgement of performanceMark
outstanding performance 80% and above
very good performance 70 - 79.9%
good performance 60 - 69.9%
satisfactory performance 50 - 59.9%
fail 49.9% and below


For Undergraduate Studies:

80% and above - Outstanding performance: Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of the question or problem and presents evidence of extensive reading of appropriate texts reflected in illuminating references in work. Shows exceptional originality in problem solving, analysis and evaluation, and presents arguments in a fluent and convincing manner. Displays the ability to synthesise concepts, knowledge and theory; and exceptional insight and critical thinking.

70-79.9% - Very good performance: Shows clear understanding and interpretation of the question set. Includes all of the most relevant information/issues raised by the question. Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate reading, through reference to texts and journal material. Shows thorough understanding of theoretical/conceptual issues. Demonstrates ability to present answer in a balanced and coherent way. Shows awareness of value judgements/assumptions embodied in the question. Demonstrates ability to analyse issues raised and evaluate evidence presented.

60-69.9% - Good Performance: Generally understands the question and interprets the question appropriately. Brings in most of the main points/issues raised by the question. Only isolated reference to reading. Generally understands concepts involved, theoretical understanding rather shallow. Presents points reasonably clearly; demonstrates some analytical ability. Shows awareness of value positions required by the question.

50-59.9% - Satisfactory Performance: Limited understanding of the question set. Discusses some of the main points/issues raised by the question. Limited reference to reading. Some understanding of concepts - limited but accurate factual information. Muddled/unclear presentation. Unsupported value statements.

49.9% and below - Fail: Unsatisfactory standard. Some attempt to address issues in the question but which do not quite meet the criteria outlined for an acceptable answer. Marks in this range will be awarded for wrong or negligible answers and nonresponse.