BA Pol. Science/Sociology

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Political Science (also known as Political Studies) involves the study of systems and theories of government both past and present. In a broader sense, it seeks to determine the role of politics and political activity in human society and relationships. Political science is one of the social sciences and as such is closely related to disciplines such as sociology, public administration, history, ethics and anthropology. International relations studies and conflict and war studies have at their heart a basic understanding of political forces.

This is one of the oldest subjects of academic and practical interest although it has only been recently introduced in Bhutan. Introduction of this subject is appropriate as Bhutan enters a process of political transformation. This program provides critical understanding of the issues related to political philosophy, institutions and international relations. Students can concentrate on political theory, political economy, look at politics across cultures (comparatively), or study how it is shaped by social realities such as gender and class. Those with leadership skills and desirous of contributing to the socio-political development of the country will find this subject helps guide and sharpen necessary political and communication skills.

Obviously, students with a background in political science might eventually choose to become involved in politics themselves. However, there are other career paths and areas of specialization available, such as consulting, policy and market research and analysis, diplomacy, political economy, and international development. A career in law is often well begun with an undergraduate degree in political science.


Modules offered in Political Science:


Core Political Science

Introduction to Political Science I 
Introduction to Political Science II
Political Systems and Ideologies

Political Philosophy

Contemporary World Politics
Western Political thoughts
Eastern Political thoughts

Global Politics

Comparative Government and Politics
World Political History

Bhutanese Politics

Bhutanese Political History
Government and Politics in Bhutan

Other relevant subject skills

Fundamentals of Economics
Methodology of Social Research