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In the Spring semester of 2023, seven esteemed faculty and staff members embarked on an Erasmus+ Mobility journey, spanning various dates throughout the semester.

Dr. Jelle J.P Wouters, then the Programme Leader of the Political Science and Sociology Programme and currently the Head of the Himalayan Centre for Environmental Humanities, set out from 3rd to 10th February. His mobility offered a valuable opportunity to collaborate with international counterparts, exchange research ideas, and strengthen the academic ties between institutions. As a key figure in the field, Dr. Wouters' participation fostered a sense of mutual understanding and cooperation between different political and sociological approaches.


Followed by Dr. Wouters was Ms. Zajano Yanthan, a faculty member of the Anthropology Programme, who embarked on her Erasmus+ journey from 28th April to 7th May. Ms. Yanthan shared, ‘’The Erasmus exchange mobility also benefited me on various levels including my academic and career journey as well as on a personal level. I experienced varied global academic practices by interacting with and observing students, scholars, and faculties.’’ Engaging with students, scholars, and faculties from different parts of the world exposed her to diverse global academic practices, leaving a lasting impact on her academic and career journey.

Zajano Yanthan

The third group comprising Kencho Pelzom, Tshering Yangdon, and Chimi Yuden participated in the mobility program from 16th to 22nd July. Each of them represented different offices, International Relations Office (IRO), Business Development Office (BDO), and the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), respectively. During their time abroad, these individuals had constructive and beneficial meetings and sessions in line with their specific work areas. The exchange of ideas and best practices in their respective fields significantly contributed to their professional growth and enriched their departments back home.

With the Ledien Team

In addition to the four faculty and staff members mentioned earlier, Dr. Henk Blezer and Dr. Radhika Gupta from Leiden University embarked on an Erasmus Mobility journey to Royal Thimphu College from March 25th to 2nd April. During their visit, they made significant contributions to the Anthropology and Political Science & Sociology Programme classes. Their presence brought a fresh perspective to the teaching methods, content, and knowledge, creating a vibrant learning environment for both faculty members and students. The visit of Dr. Blezer and Dr. Gupta was an exciting and beneficial experience for all parties involved, the students had a unique chance to learn from distinguished professors with diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Exposure to new teaching styles and perspectives broadened their horizons and stimulated intellectual curiosity.

Dr.Gupta and Dr.Blezer

The Spring semester of 2023 saw seven exemplary individuals embark on their Erasmus+ Mobility journeys. Their active participation led to personal growth and contributed to the program's aim of fostering cross-cultural collaboration and enhancing academic practices globally. Their experiences highlight the power of international mobility in nurturing a diverse academic community.