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This series of iterative discussions with tutors is designed for collaboration with tutors nominated by programme leaders. The discussions will focus on addressing specific needs and challenges within their programme. 

Since the sessions were incomplete with some tutors in the previous semester, the same topics will continue into the upcoming semester. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those tutors to contribute, share insights, and actively participate in designing coursepack and effective classroom activities.

Coursepack CITL The sessions on ‘coursepack’ will cover various aspects, including selecting and curating materials, designing course pack structures, and promoting active learning. These sessions are aimed at providing tutors with the knowledge and skills to use coursepack materials effectively in their teaching practice.
Classroom Activity -Lecture and Q&A CITL The purpose of this need-based session is to provide an overview of conducting engaging lectures and facilitating interactive Q&A sessions in the classroom. During the sessions, various components of the teaching-learning process such as lecture delivery techniques, creating interactive Q&A sessions, and improving questioning and response techniques, etc. will be discussed.